Good news, Canada

I just received an email from CreateSpace (the service I’ve been using to publish books such as Good Nintentions) that beginning, uh, four days ago, all the books I’ve put out through them are available for purchase on — meaning there’s no need to pay hilariously abusive international shipping fees (or the even more dreadful secondary seller markup). Evidently it’ll take up to 30 days for existing publications to roll over to the .ca store front, but now we know why Canadian Thanksgiving fell where it did this year.

Speaking of Good Nintentions: Patreon backers at the PDF level should definitely go download their PDF copy of Good Nintentions.

And speaking of books, have I mentioned the current StoryBundle? Lots of good stuff in there—e.g., stuff I legitimately have been meaning to read, and which you should want to as well. Please consider supporting cool indie authors. Like, um… me?